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 IFAN Publications

 IFAN Statutes and Rules of Procedure, (8th Edition, updated 2018)

 Lays down the main rules governing the work of the International Federation of  Standards Users (IFAN). The brochure includes, inter alia, clauses related to  status and objectives of the organization, its members, structure, IFAN officers,  relations with other organizations, finance, etc.


Guide 5:2020 Introduction to the world of European standards for standards users

An introduction for beginners in the standardization department of organizations

Download(838 kB), free

Guide 4:2018 Education and Training about Standardization (Updated 2018 and corrected by corrigenda 1)

 Different needs for different roles.

                       (521 kB), free

 Guide 3:2018 Guidelines to assist members of standards committees in preparing  user-friendly European standards (Revised 2018)

 Guidelines that  provide a checklist which contains requirements for European Standards in order  to assist standards committee experts in preparing user-friendly standards.

                        (270 kB), free

  Guide 2:2019 Second edition of Guidance for establishing a National Standards Users Group

 Guidance for establishing a National Standards Users Group. The brochure  includes, inter alia, information on the objectives, membership, benefits of  membership, structure, etc. of the National Standards Users’ Society. It is  designed to facilitate the creation of national standards users’ societies.

                         (416kB), free


IFAN European Group Achievements (2013)

 The document lists the achievements of the IFAN European Group since its  creation in 2002.

                         (420 kB), free

Benefits of IFAN membership, (2019)

 The leaflet lists the benefits which are available to  IFAN members from their membership in IFAN.

                         (103kB), free

Guidance on the application of ISO 26000

 The following documents were prepared by IFAN Member Guido Guertler and his daughter has kindly given her permission for us to continue to host them.

1. Check tool for using ISO 26000

2. User Guide

3. Powerpoint presentation on the correct use of ISO 26000

4. ISO 26000:2010 Applicability

All documents can be found in this folder

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