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IFAN Webinars

Importance of Standards to Business, getting involved in Standardization

What benefits do using standards being to an organization? How would taking part in standards making improve skills and knowledge? These are some of the questions this webinar sets out to answer.

Our four panellists are: Terry Hill business leader in the technology sector and former Chair of Arup, and past President of ISO; Tuvia Liberman CTO of Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd and Teldor Telecoms Lyd; Laurent Oberle, President of ACANOR, and consultant at SOCOMEC; Ross Wraight, CEO of the Standards Group, and President of IFAN.

Moderator: Keith Wilson, IFAN Treasurer

Introductions:  Andrea Beddard-Smith, IFAN Secretary

The webinar can be viewed here.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2021, was a time to reflect on progress made by women, to call for change and to celebrate acts of leadership by the women who have played an extraordinary role in standardization.

Our moderator for the webinar was Vered Oren, IFAN Board.

The Panellists were Dr Elizabeth Stampf-Blaha, VP Technical ISO and MD Austrian Standards; Dalia Yarom, Director Standardization Israel; Andrea Beddard-Smith, Chair of the British Standards Society; Jodi Scholtz, Lead Administrator South Africa Bureau of Standards; Athina Panayiotou, DG Cyprus Organization for Standardization; Gabriela Ehrlich, Director of Communications IEC, and Annika Andreasen CEO Swedish Institute for Standards.

The Webinar is available here.

International Women’s Day film 2022 - My favourite International Standard

In celebration of IWD, the IFAN webinar team have produced a short video.

The video features women in standardization - including IFAN Members - talking about their favourite International Standard.

With thanks to IFAN Members: Vivian Xia, CAS; Karen Reczek, SES; Sonya Bird, SES; Isabelle Heller, ACANOR;

Vered Oren, ISUS; Andrea Beddard-Smith, BSS.

And thanks also to our our friends: Athina Panayiotou, CYS; Eve Gadzikwa, SAZ; Noelia Garcia, ISO; Julie Hunter, CPIN; Elena Santiago, CEN-CENELEC; Guilaine Fournet, IEC

The video can be viewed on the IFAN YouTube Channel, the link is here

The changing needs of Standards users: Strategic standardization

Strategic Standardization is more than a technical tool that can be used for planning the development and use of standards to achieve specific objectives. It is about creating a robust standards strategy and implementing it to meet both technical and business goals.

Erik Puskar, Sr Standards Specialist, NIST
Stephane Tronchon, Sr Director Standards & Competition Policy, Inter Digital
Marianna Kramarikova, Technical Officer, IEC

Moderator: Muhammad Ali, Sr Standards Strategy & Policy Leader, HP, Inc

The webinar can be viewed here

International Women’s Day 2023

It has been a tradition for IFAN to celebrate International Women's Day.   This year we decided to produce a video that highlights the common voice of women. We gathered women from around the world to wish  happy International Women's Day in their native language.  Wishing everyone a happy International Women's Day in many different languages is a powerful way of celebrating the diversity of women around the world. It serves as a reminder that no matter where we come from, or what language we speak, we all share a common goal of achieving gender equality.

The Webinar can be viewed here

ISO 45003 - Wellbeing at Work

In an ever-evolving world where well-being is paramount, our webinar dove deep into the subject of how ISO 45003 can revolutionize well-being in workplaces. The engaging sessions were moderated by Vered Oren, President, of the Israeli Standards Users Society (ISUS), and  led by prominent figures in the industry who shared their invaluable expertise: Kate Field; Chaim Oren; Chris Sibley and Dalia Yaron.

The Webinar can be viewed here.